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Adorable & Precocious

until June 30, 2024

Elegance from Past to Future

Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion
until March 17, 2024

In Its Own Shadow

Until April 7, 2024

Istanbul as far as the eye can see

Sept. 20, 2023-May 26, 2024

Sarkis: Endless

until February 4, 2024

Nuri Kuzucan: Passage

until December 31, 2023
Our Awards

With significant investments made in the field of education, health and culture, as well as the value added created by the institutions established in Turkey and the projects supported, Koç Family, with Vehbi Koç in particular, and Vehbi Koç Foundation take pride in being appreciated by many reputable institutions in the international arena.

Awards given by Institutions
November 2015 / Ankara University – Medal of Philanthropy
Ankara University has honored the Koç Family with the Medal of Philanthropy for its outstanding and durable contributions to the education system and to Ankara University in particular.

June 2011 / BNP Paribas - ‘Grand Prize for Individual Philanthropy’
The award given by BNP Paribas Asset Management has been granted to Koç Family for its “pioneering studies that set a model for the entire world”.

November 2009 / Carnegie Foundation -‘Medal of Philanthropy’ Carnegie Philanthropy Award
The Foundation has been given this award, which is being granted in the memory of US industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie since year 2001 jointly by more than 20 institutions and institutes established by Carnegie throughout his life.

October 2007 / World Monument Fund - ‘Hadrian Award’
Vehbi Koç Foundation is the only institution from Turkey, which is granted the Hadrian Award that is given each year to persons and institutions that contribute to the world’s cultural heritage.

Awards given by Philanthropists
2012 / 16th Iris Foundation Awards
Koç Family has received 16th Iris Foundation Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Decorative Arts for its contributions to the Metropolitan. Carpets and Fabric at the

Metropolitan Museum, as well as Great Ottoman World and Ottoman Palace Arts (14th-20th centuries) Galleries carry the name of “Koç Family”.


1987 / Aga Han Architecture Awards
Aga Han Architecture Awards, which include contemporary design, council housing, societal development, restoration, reutilization and regional protection projects successfully interpreting Islamic culture, was given to Vehbi Koç Foundation for Sadberk Hanim Museum in year 1987.


Awards given to Executive Board Members of Vehbi Koç Foundation
2012 / Honorary Phd title to Semahat Arsel
Semahat Arsel has been awarded the title of “Honorary Phd” by Istanbul University for her material and spiritual contributions to the contemporary development of nursing occupation in Turkey.

1997 / T.R. Order of Merit
Suna Kıraç and Rahmi M. Koç, were awarded TR Order of Merit, which is granted to Turkish citizens, who achieve an outstanding success in their studies as compared to their peers in the country and the world, sublimate the state and significantly contribute to national benefits.