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Eva Koťátková: I Sometimes Imagine I’m a Fish with Legs

until August 27, 2023

Cengiz Çekil: I Am Still Alive

until September 24, 2023

After Utopia: The Birds

Sadberk Hanım Museum
until May 30, 2023

For My Friend

Sadberk Hanım Museum until May 31, 2023

This Play

until March 26, 2023

Josephine Powell Exhibition

Vehbi Koç Evi
June 30,2020-indefinite

Distinguished Professor Ivet Bahar is the recipient of the 21st Vehbi Koç Award

The recipient of the 21st Vehbi Koç Award, presented annually by the Vehbi Koç Foundation for culture, education and health, respectively, is İvet Bahar, the Distinguished Professor, who creates a foundation for the development of life-saving pharmaceutical products for millions of people with her pioneering work on computational molecular and system biology. Ömer M. Koç, Chairman, Koç Holding, presented the award to Professor İvet Bahar and commented, “In all areas where we take responsibility, both we and other organizations and institutions in our great country can only move toward a brighter future with a highly qualified human resource.” In her acceptance speech, Professor Bahar said, “Vehbi Koç Award is an excellent source of morale and support, and it will motivate me to do what I already love doing with even higher drive and commitment.”


Watch the award ceremony.