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What is impact entrepreneurship?

The world is witnessing a transformation in the concept of entrepreneurship. Going beyond investments solely focused on profit-driven growth as the norm, impact entrepreneurship introduces a new understanding. Businesses that call themselves impact startups are in a unique position within the evolving entrepreneurship universe. So, what is impact entrepreneurship and what is it about?


We call businesses, which aim to create a measurable and scalable positive social impact for solving the social or environmental issue they target and achieve it transparently and ethically, impact startups. However, these businesses are not limited to social startups and changemakers seeking to contribute to society’s welfare with their activities, products, and services. All startups that fall within the positive social impact spectrum and adopt a management system with this mindset can be included in the definition of impact entrepreneurship.

Impact startups that adopt the Triple Bottom Line approach – a must for sustainable organizations and projects – measure their activities both in terms of profitability and also social and environmental impact. Impact startups that aim to drive measurable and scalable impact on the problem they target are set to become an important way of doing business in the near future.

In short…

Impact entrepreneurship comes to the forefront in the context of significant social and environmental problems such as climate crisis, gender inequality, and unequal distribution of basic necessities worldwide and proposes a sustainable business model, which defines positive impact as value. In short, impact entrepreneurship focuses on driving positive change to build a better future for communities and the planet.