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Elina Brotherus: Large de Vue

until August 27, 2023

Joh Craxton: Dawn to Light

until July 23, 2023

Eva Koťátková: I Sometimes Imagine I’m a Fish with Legs

until August 27, 2023

Cengiz Çekil: I Am Still Alive

until September 24, 2023

After Utopia: The Birds

Sadberk Hanım Museum
until May 30, 2023

For My Friend

Sadberk Hanım Museum until May 31, 2023

This Play

until April 23, 2023

The cleaning of Adaboğazı is entrusted with them

In line with the objectives of boosting awareness for a clean environment and leaving a habitable environment and shoreline to the future as per the national priority of maintaining clean shores and seas, Bodrum American Hospital collaborated with the Bodrum branches of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, the Clean Sea Association/TURMEPA and Milta Bodrum Marina to clean the Bitez Cove on June 5 “World Environment Day”. This resounding project of social responsibility saw Bodrum American Hospital staff, TURMEPA, Bodrum branch of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping and Milta Bodrum Marina collaborating for a comprehensive cleaning effort on both the sea and land and raising awareness in this regard.