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Eva Koťátková: I Sometimes Imagine I’m a Fish with Legs

until August 27, 2023

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After Utopia: The Birds

Sadberk Hanım Museum
until May 30, 2023

For My Friend

Sadberk Hanım Museum until May 31, 2023

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Josephine Powell Exhibition

Vehbi Koç Evi
June 30,2020-indefinite

VKV Annual Report: ‘Our mission will never end’

The ninth edition of the Vehbi Koç Foundation’s annual report, VKV, was published in Turkish and English. Presented with a preface by Semahat Arsel, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and Cihan Özsönmez, President, the report provides an overview of the year 2020, documenting the activities and projects of Vehbi Koç Foundation and its institutions active in the fields of education, healthcare, culture and civic society, with insightful interviews enriching the content.

The preface by Semahat Arsel and Cihan Özsönmez states that “‘The onus is on us;’ this means that our mission will never end, and together we shall overcome the hard times.” and that Vehbi Koç Foundation shall continue to lead social development and change with this same belief, and continue to be a source of light for the future with the strength it derives from its past.

In one interview, Prof. Umran İnan, President of Koç University and Murat Günel, General Director of The Koç School, discuss education, difficulties encountered and opportunities to be evaluated during pandemic days. In another interview, Erhan Bulutcu, CEO of Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions, Şükrü Dilege, Dean of Koç University School of Medicine, and Ayişe Karadağ, Dean of Koç University School of Nursing, discuss healthcare during the pandemic. Hülya Bilgi, Director of Sadberk Hanım Museum, Bahattin Öztuncay, Director of Meşher, Melih Fereli, Founding Director of Arter, and Christopher H. Roosevelt, Director of Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations talk about 2020 activities in an interview titled “Arts and Culture during the Pandemic: Going Digital and Beyond”. The interview with Erdal Yıldırım Vehbi Koç Foundation’s President from 1997 to 2020 focuses on Civil Society in Turkey and the Vehbi̇ Koç Foundation.

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