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Cevdet Erek: Bergama Stereotip
Feb.27-November 15, 2020
Ayşe Erkmen: Whitish
Sept.13, 2019-July 26, 2020
Altan Gürman
Sept.13, 2019-Jan.24, 2021
What Time Is It?
Sept.13, 2019-July 26, 2020
Sadberk Hanım Museum
Opening on June 30, 2020
Alexis Gritchenko, Constantinople Years
Opening: Sept.1,2020
Words Are Very Unnecessary
Sept.13, 2019-July 26, 2020
Josephine Powell Exhibition
Vehbi Koç Evi
Opening June 30,2020-indefinite

Vehbi Koç Foundation’s Annual Report is Published

The seventh edition of “VKV”, the annual report of Vehbi Koç Foundation, the first private foundation of Turkey established more than 50 years ago, was published in Turkish and English. The report provides an overview of the year 2019, documenting the activities and projects of the Foundation and the organizations under its umbrella in the fields of education, healthcare, culture and civic society, with insightful interviews enriching the content.

This year’s report starts with the preface by the Chair, Semahat Arsel and the President Erdal Yıldırım, presenting the Foundation’s slogan “The Onus Is on Us”, which the Foundation has adopted in the 50th anniversary of its founding last year, and will carry on to embrace in the present and the future. Within this context, this year’s interviews were made with Prof. Ali Nesin, Prof. Mehmet Toner ve Prof. Zeynep Ahunbay, previous winners of Vehbi Koç Award. The forth interviewee was Prof. Ali Çarkoğlu, the Director of Koç University Center for Civil Society and Philanthropy Research, that was opened in the 50th year of Vehbi Koç Foundation.

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