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Archival Memories: Marcell Restle’s Research in Anatolia and Beyond
June 25,2019-April 5, 2020
Reflections from the Religious Rituels in the Light of Old Hittite Portraiture / Tayfun Yıldırım
February 29, 2020, 14:30
A City with double banks: Nysa / Hakan Öztaner
fEBRUARY 6, 2020, 17:30
Bir Şehir Kurmak: Ankara 1923-1933
Nov. 13, 2019-Jan.26, 2020
İnci Furni: She Waited for a While
Sept.13, 2019-Jan.26, 2020
Rosa Barba: The Hidden Conference
Sept.13, 2019-Jan.19, 2020
Ayşe Erkmen: Whitish
Sept.13, 2019-March 8, 2020
Altan Gürman
Sept.13, 2019-Feb.9, 2020
What Time Is It?
Sept.13, 2019-Feb.9, 2020
Words Are Very Unnecessary
Sept.13, 2019-March 8, 2020
Josephine Powell Exhibition
Vehbi Koç Evi
Sept.6, 2018-indefinite

Vehbi Koç Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Platform Is Online with the “The Onus Is on Us” Theme

To mark its 50th anniversary, Vehbi Koç Foundation initiated a new platform inspired by the foundation’s 50th anniversary slogan “The Onus Is on Us”. The website explains the philosophy behind this slogan by highlighting stories of individual philanthropic actions, and aims to spread the idea that everyone can take responsibility to help others and address societal challenges through personal endeavors, and initiate positive change. “Lives, Adding Value” (Değer Katan Hayatlar) video series on the website tells the stories of employees and students from Vehbi Koç Foundation institutions, who created social impact through individual actions. The website also provides a list of institutions offering volunteer work opportunities for the people, who want to start voluntary work.

Please click to visit ustumuzevazife.vkv.org.tr