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Cevdet Erek: Bergama Stereotip
Feb.27-November 15, 2020
Ayşe Erkmen: Whitish
Sept.13, 2019-July 26, 2020
Altan Gürman
Sept.13, 2019-Jan.24, 2021
What Time Is It?
Sept.13, 2019-July 26, 2020
Sadberk Hanım Museum
Opening on June 30, 2020
Alexis Gritchenko, Constantinople Years
Opening: Sept.1,2020
Words Are Very Unnecessary
Sept.13, 2019-July 26, 2020
Josephine Powell Exhibition
Vehbi Koç Evi
Opening June 30,2020-indefinite

Bodrum American Hospital: Turkey’s first ‘Museum-Hospital’

Expanding for the first time beyond Istanbul, the VKV American Hospital acquired the Private Bodrum Hospital, which was providing healthcare to Bodrum locals since 1997. The Private Bodrum Hospital underwent a full-scale renovation and it started to serve as the Bodrum American Hospital in 2019. Bodrum American Hospital has the same physical and technical infrastructure as the Istanbul American Hospital and it targets to become the best healthcare center in Aegean region with its experienced medical staff and its qualified patient care service.

The Bodrum American Hospital has 21 departments, 24 policlinics, 8 intensive care beds, 3 operation rooms, and medical care units for cardiovascular surgery, angiography, chemotherapy and oncology. The hospital serves tourists as well as people who live in Aegean region and international patients.

Receiving the title ‘Museum – Hospital’, the Bodrum American Hospital has a significant impact on both healthcare sector as well as the fields of culture and arts. Archaeological remains, which were unearthed during the construction work at the hospital site from the late Roman period, were taken under protection.  The artifacts are exhibited inside the hospital yard.

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