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“Harmony and Color in Calligraphy” Exhibition at the Sadberk Hanım Museum

Sadberk Hanım Museum, founded in 1980 by the Vehbi Koç Foundation as the first private museum of Turkey, is hosting an exhibition of select manuscripts and calligraphy works in celebration of the Foundation’s fiftieth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Museum’s magnificent collection of manuscripts and calligraphy works are also compiled in a comprehensive book titled “Harmony and Color in Calligraphy.” A selection of works, including books, illuminated manuscripts and calligraphies of artistic value, will be exhibited at the Sadberk Hanım Museum from April 25 to December 22, 2019. In addition to curating the 200-piece exhibition, Professor Zeren Tanındı, an expert in illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy, also edited the book “Harmony and Color in Calligraphy”, featuring 362 works.

Sadberk Hanım Museum hosts 915 illuminated manuscripts and calligraphies
Hülya Bilgi, Sadberk Hanım Museum Director, explained that some of the best examples of the important documents of the Ottoman-era foundations in manuscripts or scrolls are exhibited for the first time with this selection. Hülya Bilgi noted, “Our museum is currently home to 915 works including rare hand-written Korans, prayer books, imperial edicts, warrants and endowment deeds as well as hilye-i şerif panels and calligraphic wall panels by renowned Ottoman calligraphers.”

Professor Zeren Tanındı said that the exhibition and book titled “Harmony and Color in Calligraphy” both feature several manuscripts from the 15th century to the late 19th century, including Ottoman era clothing albums and sultans’ portraits. Professor Tanındı added, “Most of these works not only shed light on the styles of Ottoman calligraphers from the late 15th century to the first half of the 20th century, but they also allow us to recognize master calligraphers, painters and illuminators with the signatures they bear.”

The “Harmony and Color in Calligraphy” Exhibition will be open to the public from April 25 to December 22, 2019 every day except Wednesdays between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm.



From Sadberk Hanım Museum Collection, as seen above: Ottoman era Koran, 1854-55 (Calligrapher: Hüseyin en-Nazîf, SHM Library ref. 633)