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Prix Pictet Human (Hosted by Arter)

until July 27, 2024

Jackie Matisse: Kite Time

until December 15, 2024

Şakir Gökçebağ: As It Seems

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Suppose You're Not

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Adorable & Precocious

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Elegance from Past to Future

Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion
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Istanbul as far as the eye can see

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Contemporary Art

Production in contemporary art

The Vehbi Koç Foundation’s activities in the field of contemporary art started in 2005, in line with the strategic plan devised following the appointment of Melih Fereli as Culture and Arts Advisor to the Foundation. As part of the new strategy, numerous exhibition and publication projects were supported; international collaborations and projects were initiated.
The most important manifestation of this strategy in terms of sustainability and long-term thinking is Arter, the Foundation’s flagship institution in the field of contemporary art.
Major contemporary art projects initiated and/or funded by the Vehbi Koç Foundation:
“Contemporary Art in Turkey” monograph series at Yapı Kredi Publishing (2007–2011)
The Vehbi Koç Foundation facilitated the publication of a monograph series titled “Contemporary Art in Turkey”. The series was published by Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing and edited by René Block with Melih Fereli as advisor to the project, which consists of 11 bilingual (Turkish and English) comprehensive monographs of contemporary artists from Turkey as well as At Home, Wherever, a book focusing on 12 Turkish artists living abroad. Each monograph was printed in 1,800 editions (150 of them numbered and signed), wrapped with an offset print of a work by the artist.
TANAS (2008–2013)
iBerlin exhibition, March27 - May 12, 2012, Vahap Avşar artwork (Photo: Uwe Walter)
In 2008, the Vehbi Koç Foundation founded TANAS in Berlin as a project space for contemporary art from Turkey in collaboration with Edition Block. The primary objective of TANAS was to support and promote the production and exhibition of contemporary works by artists predominantly from Turkey in an international context.
As a noteworthy endeavour TANAS functioned for five years, as had been planned at the outset, until its closure in 2013. In these five years, the space featured 22 personal and group exhibitions that were accompanied by artist talks, seminars and special guided tours, rendering TANAS a center focusing on contemporary art from Turkey, with the objective of fulfilling its premise of offering a comprehensive production and discussion platform for artists, curators, authors and students.
Istanbul Biennial (2007 - 2026)
Together with Koç Holding, VKV became the main sponsor of the biennial organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts for 20 years.
Adventure Istiklal Contemporary Art Exhibition Series (2007–2010)
The project encompassed 11 exhibitions of works by artists who were influential on the contemporary art scene in Turkey in the Yapı Kredi Kâzım Taşkent Art Gallery.
Exhibitions at the “Operation Room” (2008 – ongoing)
An art space adjacent to the American Hospital, the healthcare arm of the VKV.
Sponsoring the Pavilion of Turkey at the Venice Biennial (2014-2034)
As an initiative of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), and with the contributions of 21 supporters including the Vehbi Koç Foundation, Turkey now has a long-term pavilion at the Venice Biennale, one of world's leading contemporary art and architecture events.
“Tactics of Invisibility” (9 April-5 June 2011)
The Foundation supported the realization of the exhibition in collaboration with TBA21 (Thyssen-Bornemizsa Art Contemporary). Bringing together works by 15 artists from Turkey, the exhibition was shown in TANAS, Berlin and Arter, Istanbul following its first edition in TBA 21, Vienna.
“The Morning Line” (22 May 2010)
The project was realized in collaboration with TBA21 as part of 2010 Istanbul European Cultural Capital events.