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The Characters of Yusuf Franko (ANAMED)
Ankara Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Centre
Nov.23, 2018-Jan.25, 2019
13th International ANAMED Annual Symposium
December 6-7, 2018
KP Brehmer: Art≠Propaganda (ARTER)
Neues Museum, Nürnberg
The Curious Case of Çatalhöyük (ANAMED)
The Brunei Gallery (SOAS), London
Oct.12-Dec.15, 2018
Picturing a Lost Empire: An Italian Lens on Byzantine Art in Anatolia, 1960-2000
June1 1-Dec.31, 2018


Contemporary and advanced nursing with high quality development programs…

SANERC, established in year 1992 with the purpose of supporting the career development of working nurses, is the first post-graduate education and research center for nursing in Turkey, which organizes high quality development programs in various areas of specialization. Capitalizing on domestic and foreign resources under the guidance of its experienced staff, SANERC provides nursing graduates the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in line with contemporary and advanced nursing practices.

SANERC, which started its educational programs with two courses, currently offers programs in 23 areas. More than 7,500 nurses and health care personnel have participated so far in the education seminars and programs organized by SANERC from many public and private hospitals inside and outside Istanbul. SANERC also renders consultancy services for the structuring of nursing services of hospitals.