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June25,2019-November 2, 2020
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until January 24, 2021
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Vehbi Koç Evi
June 30,2020-indefinite

In Loving Memory of Suna Kıraç

Suna Kıraç, the former chairwoman of the Executive Board at Vehbi Koç Foundation, and a prominent businesswoman who held several leadership roles, passed away on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. She was raised with the contemporary values of our Republic, and made significant contributions to our country’s industrial, educational, cultural and artistic development with her remarkable achievements in both business and social life. Suna Kıraç also played a major role during the establishment of outstanding institutions, including Koç University, Koç School, and the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey.

Suna Kıraç was born in 1941 as the fourth and youngest child of Vehbi Koç and Sadberk Koç after her siblings Semahat Arsel, Rahmi M. Koç, and Sevgi Gönül. Starting at a young age, she attended the management meetings of Koç Group companies, interned in different departments, and familiarized herself with the group and the way Vehbi Koç worked. Throughout 40 years of her active career, Suna Kıraç dedicated herself to growing and developing Koç Holding, as well building the foundations of an institutional culture, and also spearheaded important initiatives in the fields of education, culture and arts, and healthcare.

Starting in 1960 up to 2010, when she left her position as the Vice Chairwoman of Koç Group due to health reasons, Suna Kıraç continued to lead the group and the Turkish industry with her vision.

She will always be remembered for her pioneering spirit and lasting legacy.

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