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Purple As Far As The Eye Can See / Photography Exhibit
Vehbi Koç Vakfı Ford Otosan Gölcük Culture&Community Center br> Feb.9, 2018
Osmanlı Dönemi’nde Girit: Siyaset ve İsyan
Doğuş University
Mar.31, 2018
Anadolu Madenciliği
Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum
Mar.8, 2018
Antik Dönem’de Ulaşım: Lykia ve Pamphylia Örneğinde Roma Yolları
Akdeniz University
Feb.22, 2018
Çine-Tepecik Kazıları ve Bölgelerarası Kültürel Etkileşimler
Hacettepe University
Feb.10, 2018
Behind Mount Qaf / CANAN
Feb.18, 2018

Anatolian Scholarship Program celebrates its 7th year!

The Anatolian Scholarship Program, launched by Koç University to offer full scholarships to successful high school graduates with limited financial means to ensure they benefit from the best university education, is celebrating its sixth year. The program, which has been offered to 376 students since its launch in 2011, will make it possible for 90 new students to realize their dreams.

In its first year, the Anatolian Scholarship Program granted full scholarships to 14 successful students with limited financial means, coming from various provinces across Anatolia, to study at Koç University. As new donors joined and existing donors continued to lend their support, the number of students benefiting from the Anatolian Scholars Program reached 376, and 31 of them completed their university education and graduated in 2017.

As the number of Anatolian Scholars studying at the university rises, so does the demand in the program, which received over 3,500 applications last year from various provinces across Turkey. The fact that more students apply to the program every year and the rising trend continues shows that equal opportunity in education is an important and serious need in our country.

In addition to offering equal opportunity in education to highly accomplished students with limited financial needs, the Anatolian Scholars Program, celebrating its seventh year as a social responsibility initiative of Koç University, also contributes to the advancement of sciences with the mission of supporting the development of the community.

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