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The Charm of the Market: Shopping in the Mediterranean World throughout History
Dec.1,2018-Agu.31, 2019
Positive Space
Operation Room
Dec.1, 2018- Feb.2, 2019
KP Brehmer: Art≠Propaganda (ARTER)
Neues Museum, Nürnberg

Koç Healthcare: A New Website

Koç Healthcare: A New Website

A new website has been launched in line with the new holistic structure of the  Healthcare Institutions of Vehbi Koç Foundation. The website “Koç Healthcare” provides particularly the international patients and visitors with information on the Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions, their services and the latest medical developments.

At the website one can have information about American Hospital, Koç University Hospital and MedAmerican Ambulatory Care Center.