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Behind Mount Qaf/Canan
Sept.12-Dec.24, 2017

Mustafa V. Koç Remembered on the first Anniversary of his Passing

Mustafa V. Koç, the Chairman of the Koç Group from 2003 to 2016, was remembered on the first anniversary of his passing on January 21 with ceremonies at the family cemetery in Zincirlikuyu and Koç Holding Headquarters in Nakkaştepe, İstanbul. Family members, Koç Group executives, peers, employees and friends attended the events to pay tribute to the late Mustafa V. Koç.

Koç Holding Chairman Ömer M. Koç gave a speech stating that his elder brother, Mustafa V. Koç left behind friends, his beloved family and peers, along with many others who will always remember him with great affection and respect for his humanitarian values, kindness, compassion and modesty.

The Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu who also spoke at the ceremony emphasized that the late Mustafa V. Koç was a kindhearted, conscientious and modest man who was much loved and well-respected by many.

With his inspiring leadership, determination, global perspective, philanthropy and humanitarian values, Mustafa V. Koç has left behind a permanent mark. The documentary, produced to honor his legacy and remember him, with reminiscences and anecdotes shared by family members, friends and employees, was shown during the ceremony at the Koç Holding Building.

Please click to watch the documentary.