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Purple As Far As The Eye Can See / Photography Exhibit
Vehbi Koç Vakfı Ford Otosan Gölcük Culture&Community Center br> Feb.9, 2018
Osmanlı Dönemi’nde Girit: Siyaset ve İsyan
Doğuş University
Mar.31, 2018
Anadolu Madenciliği
Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum
Mar.8, 2018
Antik Dönem’de Ulaşım: Lykia ve Pamphylia Örneğinde Roma Yolları
Akdeniz University
Feb.22, 2018
Çine-Tepecik Kazıları ve Bölgelerarası Kültürel Etkileşimler
Hacettepe University
Feb.10, 2018
Behind Mount Qaf / CANAN
Feb.18, 2018

VKV Nursing Fund

To raise a new generation of nurses, who heal with both their heart and knowledge…

VKV Nursing Fund, established in year 1974 under the presidency of Semahat Arsel in an effort to determine the problems of nursing profession in Turkey and to support producing feasible and long-lasting solutions, acts as the starting point of the Foundation’s activities intended for the development of nursing profession in Turkey. Having transferred major part of its nursing education and development activities to SANERC and the Graduate School of Nursing as of today, the Fund supports private career development projects carried out by nurses, under the name of “Vehbi Koç Foundation Nursing Support Fund” since year 2003.

To date, the Fund has:

  • Prepared and published textbooks.
  • Provided scholarships to more than 2,000 nursing students.
  • Organized a wide range of scientific meetings and conferences.
  • Supported studies realized for the reformation of legislation.
  • Contributed to many private research and education projects in the field of nursing.